The Trick for Writing Powerful Headlines

Can’t Write Headlines?

Writing powerful headlines that capture attention, draw the reader into your copy, and SELL is tough.

It takes work. Trial and error. Brainstorming. Research.

What is this product really about? What is the ONE significant slam-dunk benefit? How do you convey this benefit in a little headline?

I sense you’re getting stressed just thinking about it. Or maybe that’s me projecting onto you because I feel the same way.

Writing headlines is HARD for one reason – there is so much riding on the words you choose, especially when it comes to the headline for your sales copy.

The right headline can mean six figures in sales, or maybe even seven.

The wrong headline can mean you make Zero. Zilch. Bumpkiss. Nada.

Next time you’re stuck, remember this trick:

“Can’t ?”

Can’t Write Headlines?

Can’t Sleep?

Can’t Find a Job?

Can’t Get a Date?

Can’t Make Love?

That’s your headline.

Next is the subheadline, and you might write it with this simple two-line formula:

“Discover the __ (solution, remedy, answer, method, etc.) for __ (benefit 1) and __ (benefit 2)!

“You will __ (Whatever you wrote after “Can’t”) every __ (time period) Guaranteed or it’s FREE!”


Can’t Get a Date?

Discover this stud’s secret for automatically attracting the most beautiful women and bedding them the same night!

You will date beautiful women every day guaranteed, or it’s FREE!

Another example:

Can’t Convert?

Discover the method for converting stone-cold prospects into same-day sales and non-stop repeat buyers.

You will see your profits increase exponentially in 30 days, or it’s FREE!

Use this formula on your next sales promotion and see what happens. Or better still, test it against your current control and find out which one brings you more sales.

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