Where to Find the Best RSS Feeds for Autoblogging


The Most Asked Question at RSSMasher is, "Where Do I Find the Best RSS Feeds for Autoblogging?" 

We have created many video training lessons on finding RSS Feeds and we've written numerous blog articles on the subject.

Listed below are our favorite education resources on how to find the best RSS Feeds. We use this same list to teach our own VA's!


Video Lessons on Finding RSS Feeds:

  1. 10 Easy Ways to Find RSS Feeds | Geek Out Fridays | RSSMasher Technology
    YouTube: RSSMasher Channel - Published May 13, 2021
  2. Geek Out Fridays - Week 4 - RSS Feed Automation Tips
    YouTube: RSSMasher Channel - Published May 22, 2020
  3. Where to get RSS Feeds Playlist (inside RSSMasher Technology Training Course)
    RSSMasher Technology / Categories / Where to get RSS Feeds - Published April 2020
  4. What is a RSS Feed Playlist  (inside RSSMasher Technology Training Course)
    RSSMasher Technology / Categories / What is a RSS Feed - Published June 2019
  5. RSS Pro Mastermind Training (Bonus Course included with RSSMasher Technology)
    This is a 4-week course on taking your RSS feed training to a completely new level. - Published Aug 2017



Blog Posts on Finding RSS Feeds:

  1. 10 Easy Ways to Find RSS Feeds - Published Feb 13, 2020
  2. The History behind RSS Feeds? - Published Dec 02, 2019
  3. 20 Easy to Implement Ideas For RSS Feeds in 2020 - Published Feb 13, 2020
  4. 12 Great Resources to Find RSS Feeds in 2021 (inside RSSMasher Technology Course)
    Published Jan. 20, 2021



Best RSS Feed Resources in 2021 - Published 1/20/21:

  1. Most Popular Feeds of 2020
  2. Top 100 Social Media RSS Feeds
  3. Top 100 Celebrity Gossip RSS Feeds
  4. Top 10 most subscribed RSS feeds
  5. 25 of the Best RSS Feeds for Educators
  6. New York Times RSS Feeds list
  7. Top Hollywood RSS Feeds list
  8. ESPN Feeds list
  9. CNN Feeds list
  10. My Top 25 Favorite Social Content Feeds By Damon Nelson
  11. TechRadar RSS Feeds list
  12. Weird Things - too hard to explain



The Easy Way to Find RSS Feeds (using RSSMasher Technology)

We have hundreds of RSS Feeds and YouTube Channel feeds that are included inside of the software. Most of these are used inside our own sites and have full and rich content. We recommend that you always use the build and preview to test these feeds to see if their content is matched to your website topics.

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