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Where to Find the Best RSS Feeds for Autoblogging


The Most Asked Question at RSSMasher is, "Where Do I Find the Best RSS Feeds for Autoblogging?" 

We have created many video training lessons on finding RSS Feeds and we've written numerous blog articles on the subject.

Listed below are our favorite education resources on how to find the best RSS Feeds. We use this same list to teach our own VA's!


Video Lessons on Finding RSS Feeds:

  1. 10 Easy Ways to Find RSS Feeds | Geek Out Fridays | RSSMasher Technology
    YouTube: RSSMasher Channel...
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Learn How to Automate Your Marketing Efforts: 12 Tips and Tools | RSSMasher


If your marketing efforts are taking up too much time or feel like the work is never-ending, it might be time to automate them. With the use of tools and tactics, all of your marketing can be automated!

Marketing Automation is a powerful tool that allows you to set up an automatic process for sending emails, social media posts, and other online interactions with visitors to your website.


This post will show you how to get started with marketing automation by providing 12 tips...

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20 Easy to Implement Ideas For RSS Feeds in 2020

rss feeds rssmasher Feb 13, 2020

1 Facebook content

2 Twitter content

3 Syndwire RSS feed

4 Content Farms

5 Other Content Aggregators

6 WordPress sites

7 Squidoo pages

8 Blogger

9 FCS network

10 Feedburner

11 RSS to IFTTT accounts

12 RSS to Emails

13 RSS to Text/SMS message

14 RSS with money site on private blog network

15 R/H side feeds on Wordpress sites

16 Persicope to Wordpress to RSS

17 YT channel RSS feed

18 Ping FM

19 Free Wordpress RSS blog content

20 Feed other bookmarking social accounts

For more tips on RSS Feeds...

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The Automated Content Marketing Blueprint - Part 1


How to "Semi" Automate Your Content Posting (Like a Marketing Agency)

In this new video blog I lay out a very simple and almost automated way to get trending and niche related content automatically posted (almost) to your social media accounts and blogs.

It is very easy to setup and is a low cost way to service multiple clients each month with very little effort and now much cost.

AND you can be extremely price competitive with most social media marketing agencies charging thousands each...

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