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7 Easy Steps to Creating Evergreen Articles that Google Loves to Rank for You

Cornerstone content is the best, most important article(s) on your website. These are the posts you make to rank high in the search engines and look like the authority you are.

When writing one of these articles, your goal is to provide the best and most complete information on your topic. Your goal isn’t to sell, at least not right away. You want to present yourself and your website as THE authority on your topic, the one readers, turn to for reliable information and advice.

You can...

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Can Stupid Jokes Make for Good Marketing Emails?

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to continually come up with new topics for your emails.

The first 20 are easy.

The next 30 aren’t too difficult.

The next 50 take work.

And once you’ve done a few hundred emails, you’re pretty sure you’re just writing the same things over and over again – most likely because you are.

If you want to keep your emails fresh, interesting and even exciting for your readers, then it’s time to step up your game and find...

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$3,500 a Month from Newsletter Curation

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE recurring income?

Here’s a brief case study about a guy who has not one, but FOUR different newsletters that he puts out twice per month.

These are super simple newsletters that contain all the latest stuff he’s found on the internet about the topics.

How in the world does he find all the latest news, articles, blog posts, stories, video clips, photos, and so forth?

Google alerts.

Yup, it’s that easy.

He creates a dozen or so Google...

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The Automated Content Marketing Blueprint - Part 1


How to "Semi" Automate Your Content Posting (Like a Marketing Agency)

In this new video blog I lay out a very simple and almost automated way to get trending and niche related content automatically posted (almost) to your social media accounts and blogs.

It is very easy to setup and is a low cost way to service multiple clients each month with very little effort and now much cost.

AND you can be extremely price competitive with most social media marketing agencies charging thousands each...

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