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Dan Kennedy Lesson on Wealth Creation

The esteemed marketing instructor Dan Kenney tells the story of an entrepreneur who hired him to look over his entire business with new eyes and figure out why the business wasn’t earning its full potential.

Dan observed the entire operation and analyzed everything. He looked at the business from top to bottom and paid special attention to each of the five employees.

Then Dan sat down with the client and gave him his verdict: Fire the office manager, the person who had been with the...

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When Keeping 10% Pays You 1,000%

There is an old piece of advice that says you should always, ALWAYS pay yourself first. Take 10% off the top of everything you earn and save it, invest it, and, most of all, keep it for yourself.

You save this 10% off the top before you pay any bills before you pay taxes before you buy food or pay the mortgage.

And over time, that 10% will add up to significant money and even financial freedom.

But there’s another 10% I want to talk about, and it’s time.

If you’re spending...

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