6 Bullet Point Tips

1: Just like a headline, each bullet point should express a clear benefit.

2: When possible, keep your bullet points symmetrical. Make them all one line each, or two lines. Use short headlines of 1-4 words for each one, or don’t use headlines, and so forth. This makes it easier on the eyes and easier to read.

3: Keep your bullets clean and uncluttered. Without exception they must always be easy to read, or why even bother using bullet points?

4: Each section of bullet points should have its own theme, and each bullet point should begin with the same part of speech.

In the following example, each bullet point completes the “You can…” sentence and starts with a verb:

When you own XYZ product, you can…

  • Regulate your widget activity with pinpoint accuracy
  • Divide your widgets by type so you never choose the wrong one again
  • Enjoy your new role as widget master of the universe
  • Take pride in your ability to signal passing alien spacecraft with your enhanced widget power

5: Bullets and sections of bullets don’t have to be sentences. For example:

The moment you put on your new pair of+ Wonder Shoes, you’ll be…

  • A better fighter than 9 out of 10 blackbelts
  • Running faster than a speeding bullet
  • Looking hotter than a movie star
  • Walking on water with confidence

This example has one complete sentence followed by a single word to bring it home:

“Imagine yourself just 30 days into this program when you’re already scaling up to earn an average of $10,000 of income per month. Wow!”

6: You can make your bullet points stronger by deleting the weakest. Not every bullet point you write will be a home run. Don’t dilute your great bullets by refusing to pull the mediocre bullets. Sometimes less really is more.

Writing bullet points doesn’t come naturally for most people, but with practice, you can master bullets to double and even triple your sales.

Keep a swipe file of the best bullet points you see to give yourself inspiration the next time you write sales copy.

Try incorporating bullet points into everyday content such as blog posts, articles and emails, too. The practice will make you better and your readers will appreciate the effort.


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