Are Your Customers Seniors?

Okay, I have nothing against the silver crowd. In fact, I am a few years from being one too!

But just today I was reminded that many in the older generation have a built-in fear of all things electronic.

While they feel perfectly safe sending a check through the mail, or giving a check (which has their routing and account numbers on it for all to see) to a strange clerk in a store, they will balk and putting their credit card number into an encrypted, highly secure website.

Go figure.

Our job isn’t to fight against our customers’ tendencies, but rather to work with them.

For example, when a company that sold hearing aids online decided to offer a phone option for ordering, their revenue DOUBLED overnight.

While the computer was deemed scary, announcing their credit card number over the phone was comfortable for the older generation.

If your customers are over 65, you might take a look at the world through their eyes to find out what they need and want.

It could be that you’re leaving a great deal of revenue on the table, and all you need to do is something as simple as taking phone orders.

Think about it.


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