Email Sandwiches Equal Big Profits

I’m on a lot of mailing lists simply because if something is working in another niche, there’s a good chance it’s going to work in my niches as well.

One of the lists I’m on is for dating advice – specifically, dating advice for people who want to date men. (I’m also on lists for people who want to date women, married couples having problems and recently separated couples. As I said, I join a lot of lists because I’m always in learning mode.)

Today I received an email about, “A text you can send once a day that makes his desire for you soar through the roof.” That’s the first link to the video sales letter.

And here’s where it gets interesting: The email starts out talking about this magical text message, which you will discover when you click the link to watch a video from the “Relationship Quick Tip sponsor.” The email says you can, “Read on or skip straight to the video.” This is where we find the second link to the video.

Next, the author lets you know that your Relationship Quick Tip is at the bottom of the email.

Then he goes on to sell you on watching that video, along with a third link and a fourth link to the video. And I mean he really sells it, using lots of imagery of how wonderful life will be when you can send a text and have the man of your choice working 24/7 to win your love.

Finally, finally, FINALLY, we get to the “Quick Tip of the Day,” followed, of course, by one final link to the video for the paid product.

Okay, here are my two takeaways:

First, this guy has FIVE links to the video sales letter. Five. He words each one a little differently, too.

Second, he is offering free content in the email, but it’s sandwiched between his copy for the paid product, with the bulk of his selling done before giving away the material.

Third, he positions the affiliate product as the sponsor for the free content.

This is a HIGHLY effective technique that can work in ANY niche. I know, because I’ve used it myself in the past. But I really appreciate seeing it at work in another niche, because it’s reminded me to get back to using this method myself.

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