Pro Video Marketers Newsletter #8 - SEO Tips Edition

newsletter quizzes seo tips Oct 10, 2018
VPP-Newsletter 8 - web version
Pro Video Marketing Tips #8

Okay this week is all about SEO for video marketers.

I found some great articles on SEO and strategies you can use immediately to rank your blog posts and websites. Plus, I read this great article on “25  Sneaky Online Tools and Gadgets to Help You Spy on Your Competitors”.

I use three of these tools myself on a weekly basis to track rankings and keywords.

Also you’ll find a great article on how Google is actually lengthening page title in search results. This is going to allow for deeper long tail keywords to be ranked, because of the viewer intent to find specific answers. Watch this SEO trend as it develops.

Be sure to check out the post on “Real World” ranking factors can easily affect your your website and your clients.

And then finally, my training tip is from a video mini-course I did back in the spring of this year and it's how to get local 3 pack ranking using some SEO tricks and a simple tool from Andy Black.

Hope you enjoy these new SEL strategies and I'll see you on the next newsletter



Damon Nelson


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What's New in Video Marketing
Learn how to estimate traffic to any website in three different ways.
Even before you entered into the world of business, you were watching your competition. Whether it was in a classroom or on a sports team...

Training Tip of the Week
Ok, here’s the “Local 3 Pack” SEO Strategy Training Video. This strategy follows these 4 simple rules to get local businesses ranked in the local 3 pack and the first page of Google

Taking up Google SERP real estate is now more challenging than ever. So how can you maintain the right balance between SEO and PPC tactics to increase your SERP visibility? It’s important to understand how SERPs look in your specific industry. This p...
Google appears to have extended the length of titles in search results snippets, according to a recent report.

One of My Favorite Quotes

Evaluating how Google ranks websites today and what the new ranking factors may be.
Looking for the right SEO reporting tool? Here are 13 essential requirements and an evaluation of five of the most popular SEO reporting tools.
Want to see your average ranking position for a particular query? Just search for it in Google.

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