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$3,500 a Month from Newsletter Curation

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE recurring income?

Here’s a brief case study about a guy who has not one, but FOUR different newsletters that he puts out twice per month.

These are super simple newsletters that contain all the latest stuff he’s found on the internet about the topics.

How in the world does he find all the latest news, articles, blog posts, stories, video clips, photos, and so forth?

Google alerts.

Yup, it’s that easy.

He creates a dozen or so Google...

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Made You Look! How to Make Headline Grabbers Work for You


Headlines are the "make or break," "do or die" piece of your content. Think of all the times you've scanned title after title before clicking on the headline that stopped your scroll.

73% of people admit to skimming blog posts, while only 27% consume them thoroughly. Without a compelling headline, your content won’t receive the eyes it deserves.

But what exactly are headline grabbers? And how do you write one that stands out among the black-and-white sea of copy monotony? Most...

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Here is Super Simple Business Model for Content Creators


This will only work if you like to write emails and create products, or whether you're able to outsource email composing and product development.

But this is so straightforward and clean; I thought it's worth mentioning.
There is a gal I know who never, actually promotes affiliate merchandise to her list. She just won't do it.

Rather, she only promotes her products.
Every day she writes and sends out a new email to her list.
Then when she is done marketing that one, she'll proceed to another...

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30 Minute Micro-Memberships with NO Product

You can add a super easy micro-recurring membership to your income in about 30 minutes, start to finish.

This assumes you already have some sort of product you’re selling as well as the ability to do a ‘bump’ upsell on the order form or create an upsell page.

A bump upsell is where you add a product to your order page with a tick box. The customer clicks the box to add the item to their order, and that’s it – it’s added with one click.

If your payment...

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How to Crush It With Your Complimentary Blogposts and Articles

I'm always amazed at how marketers think free content and paid articles are two entirely different things. That fact is, your most successful blog posts and newsletter articles can make you more money than many of the products you've promoted.


The key is to pay attention to how your content is received.

One can attract the most attention when people comment on and forward the posts.

A little 200-word article that gets great feedback is trying to tell you that you...

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How to Get Experts to Write Your Blogposts for You

Allow Me to preface this by Alerting you that the Best Selling instrument in all of the world is not the worldwide web, sales letters or revenue videos, or word of mouth.

It is a story.

Stories market like nothing else since We're hard wired to hear and love tales. It is in our bodies. Think about a crude guy coming back from a search and telling everybody in the camp that a saber tooth tiger murdered bob's narrative in the northeast valley. 

Do you think anybody would venture...

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How One Simple Story Could Make You A Million Dollars

We talk a lot about storytelling in marketing, but what’s the meaning of it all?

One simple story – the right story – can turn an unsuccessful business into a success and a successful business into a behemoth of customers and sales.

Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts and figures alone.

And our neural activity increases five times when listening to a story.

Storytelling lights up the brain's sensory cortex, allowing the listener to feel, hear, taste, and even...

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When You Run Out of Email Ideas, Try These 3 Tips

How many different ways can you write an email promoting your product? Or for that matter, promoting anything?

After a while it may seem like your emails to your lists are all sounding the same, and that’s probably because they are.

But you can shake things up by incorporating ridiculous holidays into your email marketing.

1: Annual Holidays

Do a Google search for crazy holidays and you’ll find lists that cover the entire year. For example, just take a look at these holidays...

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How to Survive Your First Hashtag Hijacking

During a presidential debate, the sitting U.S. President gave a shout out to a group called, “Proud Boys”.

When I think of ‘proud boys’, I imagine two-year-old boys in diapers who just used the potty for the very first time.

But apparently, these “Proud Boys” are actually a white supremacist group classified by the FBI as an extremist group and a hate group. Before the debate even ended, the hashtag #ProudBoys began trending.

That’s when LGBTQ Twitter...

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9 Reasons Why Content Marketing WORKS


Paid advertising is great because once you’ve got ads and a funnel that works, you can turn on the switch anytime you’re willing to spend money to make money.

But content marketing is still important, and some would argue that in the long run it’s far more valuable than paid advertising.

  1. When you compare content marketing with paid search, content marketing gets three times the leads per dollar spent. This is huge, but remember to factor in your time when creating content.
  2. ...
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