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7 Best Paid Stock Photography Sites

You already know how important images are for your marketing efforts. People pay attention to images, read image captions, and are more likely to read your content if it contains compelling pictures.

Images make your content look more professional and help to improve your communication with your audience.

While there are numerous free stock photography sites you can use, here are a few reasons to consider paying a small fee to license the images you want:

  • Your rights on free images are...
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Does Kunaki Still Work For Online Businesses?

Remember when everyone was so excited to use a service such as Kunaki to create real, tangible CDs and DVDs and have them shipped out?

Yeah, I know that was a few years ago.

And since then, I think many marketers have decided that tangible products are too much work.

But guess what?

Now more than ever, if you want to stand apart from everyone else in your niche and if you want to charge real money (BIG MONEY) for your products, then sending out actual hold-in-your-hands products makes good...

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50 Cent’s Secrets to Triumphing Over Ruthless Business People

50 Cent is a rap superstar turned media mogul and entrepreneur. He’s also the guy who survived getting shot 9 times (9 TIMES!) in 2000.

And he’s got something to tell you about how to succeed in the world of business, a place he finds is more ruthless than the streets of Queens, New York in the ’80s.

You can read the entire article in Entrepreneur, but I want to make sure you do not miss #2 because this has made a huge difference in my life and the lives of every successful...

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What are Masher Sites?

coupon demo masher sites Mar 24, 2022

 In this short video, I show you the 4 different themes that you can build with Masher Sites as well as what's coming later this year.

Plus if you act before the end of March, you can save 30% on any Masher Site Package with this code: MARCH30.


Grab your Masher Sites today at

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Can You Make Your Product into a Hot Selling Kindle Book?

VidPenguin Productions
Can You Make Your Product into a Hot Selling Kindle Book?

It’s disheartening to spend weeks creating the perfect product that people don’t buy. You were sure it would be a hot seller, yet your sales are nowhere to be found.

Now imagine you’re writing a book for Kindle, hoping that Amazon and readers alike will love it enough to make it a bestseller.

The criteria that make a hot selling product isn’t all that different from what’s needed to make a Kindle book fly off of Amazon.

1: You’ve got to be in a pre-existing...

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Why Your New Subscriber Didn’t Receive Your Download Link

You get a new subscriber, but they don’t receive your confirmation email. Or maybe they get that one, but they don’t get the following email with the download link.

Was it your fault?

Probably not.

Online marketers email a lot.

And we’re used to a handful of people being jerks – subscribing, grabbing the freebie, and then complaining we’ve spammed them.

But email reputation works both ways these days, and someone who does that is hurting themselves more than you....

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How to Make “IT” Happen in 2022

VidPenguin Productions
How to Make “IT” Happen in 2022

The "IT" is whatever you want to bring into reality. For our purposes, we're going to talk about how to "Make Your New Business" happen, but you can use this knowledge to create almost anything from scratch.

Without permission.

Without bosses.

Without someone telling you NO, you CAN NOT do that.

Without the roadblocks you've come up against before.

And without that monkey voice in your head telling you that you're not good enough, that people will judge you, that you need to keep your...

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What Color Causes People to Buy More?

VidPenguin Productions
What Color Causes People to Buy More?

When creating your logo or the look of your website, color plays a crucial role in the snap judgments people make about your business. According to Emerald Insight, between 62 and 90 percent of that first impression is based on color alone. This means your color choice of logo or website could make or break a customer's decision to buy.

Yes, color is THAT important.

What color(s) should you choose for your business?

Well, that depends.

Nothing works better than red if you want to attract...

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Need a Multi-Account Browser? Here is My Review of the NEW Logii.

Marketing your company online is getting more difficult as time goes on. You could have your ad accounts banned limits on reach and messaging imposed on nearly every social media site.

It is difficult to restart if you lose your account or access a platform because of the browser fingerprinting technologies that close down new accounts as soon as you create them.

The only way to avoid being fingerprinted by big sites is to use a multi-account, multi-login browser to prevent large sites from...

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How to Newsjack Your Way to New Followers and More Sales

VidPenguin Productions
How to Newsjack Your Way to New Followers and More Sales

"Newsjacking" is the act of leveraging breaking news to get traffic to your content.

Let's say there's a blackout at a Superbowl, and Oreo immediately tweets out an image of an Oreo cookie in the dark with the words, "You can still dunk in the dark." Yeah, you remember when that happened. It's an example of newsjacking, and that one tweet (which cost nothing) was worth more in sales and publicity than buying a Superbowl commercial.

Or maybe the news story is that a software mogul just sold...

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