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How to Move Your Site Without Losing Your Mind

Site migration refers to any situation in which a website experiences significant areas of change that could significantly impact search engine visibility. This includes changing the site's platform, location, structure, and so forth.

Imagine that you are planning to move your website to another platform, change the domain name, or implement HTTPS. These can all be great business decisions and might even work well. Then you realize that there is something wrong. No one is visiting your...

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How to get Heavy Hitter Affiliates to promote Your Products

Let's suppose you have a brand new product that is performing well. It converts at 10% or higher, the earnings per Click are incredible, and upsells are also doing amazing.

You are now able to contact MAJOR affiliate partners and associates to promote your product.

These heavy-hitters are looking to promote stuff that will make them serious money. You've already proved that your product can do that.

You can also make a lot of money by joining one of these joint ventures.

Your next step is to...

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$5,000 a Month Mini-Case Study Using Other People’s Kindle Books

Although it might sound a little strange to some, it is actually quite logical.

Regardless of the person who is instructing, instructions for how to do something are usually similar.

You could have ten internet marketers teaching you how to maximize your Facebook advertising dollars. Despite the fact that 10 people created the courses, it is likely that some of their information will be similar.

Mark, not his real name, buys "how to" books on Kindle. He then uses the content for creating paid...

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10 Ways to Tell WordPress Hackers to Kiss Your A**

security wordpress Sep 06, 2021

Here’s how to protect your WordPress website from hackers with these 10 security tips:

1: Secure your site with HTTPS – With HTTPS your data is encrypted and hackers can’t read it, even if they have network access.

2: Use strong, unique passwords – Did you know the most common way hackers access websites is simply through weak passwords or passwords previously exposed to data breaches? Use strong passwords that are different from any other password you’ve ever...

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How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 7 Steps

facebook hacks how to Sep 03, 2021

Your business is missing a great way to reach current customers and make new connections with them.

You might hire someone to manage your Facebook Business Page if you don't have the time or desire to create it. They will manage the page on an ongoing basis and create custom content to engage customers.

If you prefer to do it yourself, this is how to start:

1: Login and Register

Without a personal account on Facebook, you can't create your own Facebook page. Log in to your Facebook account...

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80% of Your Marketing Success Comes from This One Thing

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2021

Pop Quiz: Which element is most important in a marketing campaign?

It is possible:

1: The ability to drive traffic.

2: The ability and willingness to hire top affiliates

3: What product do people want to purchase?

4: A great headline and opening for your sales message.

It's number 4.

For a product or service that people are interested in buying, you can make the most compelling offer. Prospects won't pay attention if your headline or opening doesn't grab their attention.

Prospects won't pay...

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7 Copywriting Tips to 5x Your Conversion Rates

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2021

You can send more people to your offer to increase your initial sales. Also, you can send higher-qualified people to your offers. Or, you can convert more people who you send.

Let's now talk about converting more traffic into sales using little copywriting tricks and tips that will dramatically improve the ability of your copy to sell.

1. Do more research. Your conversion rates will increase if you can strike the right chords with your prospects. It would help if you did your research to...

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McAfee Sends a Message from His Grave

John McAfee was the eccentric founder and US presidential candidate. He died from an apparent suicide. According to some reports, he preferred to die than be extradited to the U.S. to face tax evasion, securities fraud, and money laundering charges for what he allegedly did during the 2000s. That is another story.

McAfee antivirus is what interests me. It's a poor product that McAfee sold his software company for $100 million in the 1990s. How did he do that?

Perhaps he was just in the right...

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Podcast Producers: Apple and Spotify Launch Paid Subscriptions

You can now ask your faithful fans to support your podcast by charging monthly fees through Spotify or Apple. You can even get 100% of the subscriber income for the first two years.

These are just three possible ways to use it:

  • You can keep your podcast, but you can also offer bonus content for paid subscribers. Want even more? Get more? Upgrade now and join our inner circle.
  • For paid subscribers, launch an ad-free version of your show. You want an ad-free experience. Register here.
  • Pay...
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What Business Are You REALLY In?

While appearing on Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show, Trace Atkins, a country superstar, shares his story about his childhood and life before he was famous.


Trace was a DJ in the Southwest for five years. He then moved to Nashville and continued playing in bars for three more years before he signed his first recording deal.

Trace states, "I had always had very happy club owners. I would challenge people not to drink as much from the stage as I did." I sold lots of liquor. This is the...

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