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17 Social Media Post Ideas

best of lists Mar 06, 2020

Your goal is to convert social media followers into customers, but it’s easier said than done, right?  The first step is to post engaging content to capture your followers’ attention.

My own rules of social media posting are pretty simple:

Rule #1: Never be boring.

Rule #2: Post regularly and make it interesting.

Rule #3: Try not to stress about Rules #1 and #2 and just enjoy the process. Because if you’re having fun, then odds are your followers are having fun, too.


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16 Ways to Give Away a Free Report to Increase Subscribers

: Use Paid Advertising

This method isn’t free, but it is highly effective and does produce as much targeted traffic as you’re willing to pay for.

In fact, you can literally create an ad and be receiving traffic today.

You might use Facebook ads or Google ads, choosing highly targeted long-tail keywords. Be sure to test and track to get the best response.

Or you might do content syndication on sites like Outbrain, creating an overview article and linking to your free report. The...

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Shortcut 20 years of video marketing mastery into 20 days

joey xoto review Mar 03, 2020

How cool would it be to shortcut 20 years of video marketing mastery into 20 days?

That's exactly what's happening here:

There's no doubt that video marketing is the best way to get traffic and attention online today.

But that's only true if your videos are good enough to stand out.

This by far is one of the best video production courses you will run across in 2020. Taught by the master of cinematic marketing videos. When Joey Xoto came into the...

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Instant Lead Magnets and TripWires

Do you need a lead magnet or TripWire to give your prospects a free or low-cost way to try your product?

Pull out one chapter or one video of your full product and use that.

If they like what they read or see in the excerpt, they will be much more likely to purchase the full product.

For example: If you’re selling a 15-module video training course, pull out one video and offer it for free to get people to join your list. Follow up with offering them the rest of the course, possibly at a...

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5 Lifestyle Businesses that Can Set You Free

A “lifestyle business” is a small business that you can run from nearly anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Life style businesses are all about letting you live how you want to live, designing your life as you choose, while running your own small company.

Done right, in a lifestyle business you have no 80-hour work weeks, no need for venture capital funding, no rented office spaces, no warehouses, and usually no employees.

This isn’t traditional...

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144 Power Words that Convert

As a marketer, your objective is to get your customer’s attention, hold it, and then make the sale.

The problem is, all you have in your arsenal to accomplish all of this is words. Whether you’re writing sales copy, recording a video or even speaking to a live audience at a conference, it’s the words you use that will make or break your conversion rate.

Let me give you an example: You want people to opt in to your mailing list. On your button, you place a call to action. You...

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Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR - Product Review

plr review video Feb 25, 2020

You may have seen a lot of hype around Nick James’ Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR lately. They have just released their 100th issue and Nick is celebrating by offering a huge discount to new members.

You might be wondering if this is any good and worth joining. I’m going to give you my full unbiased review here, but the short version is… yes, it’s definitely worth joining this while the discount is still available!

However, this is obviously not a good fit for all...

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10 Inspiring Ways to Generate Profitable Business Ideas


Internet marketing or online marketing are the vehicles to take a business big. But first, you need a business idea.

True, you can basically copy other businesses – information marketing, for example – and do fine.

But if you want a HUGE business with a brand that stands apart from all the rest, then you need not just the same idea as someone else, but an even better idea.

Here then are X ways to generate profitable business ideas. Who knows – your next million-dollar...

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Develop Your Own "Bullet Time"

In 2001, a small games development company called Remedy Entertainment produced the video game Max Payne. Whilst the game went on to perform fairly well in gaming circles and spawned several sequels and even a movie, as well as being ported from the original Windows PC version to other gaming platforms, it never achieved the huge global success that the “Call of Duty” series of games have achieved.

But it had a couple of revolutionary features built into it, (and firsts for the...

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Free SEO and Website Analyzers

(Mostly) Free SEO and Website Analyzers

Ahrefs: Site explorer & backlink checker.

Alexa Ranking: Analytical insights to analyze any site’s rank.

Broken Links: Find broken links, redirects & more.

Browseo: How search engines see your website.

Copyscape: Search for copies of your page on the web.

Google Analytics...

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