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5 Easy Ways to Write Content


Written content is still an important part of the overall content creation process, and there’s really no way to get out of writing it unless you just outsource it or have solely user-generated content on your site, especially if you want to get Google traffic. But there are ways to make the process easier, which we are going to talk about right now.


Collections of quotes on particular topics are one easy way to create content, and you can add some unique content to them by...

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Is Your Product, Service or Business Memorable?

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019

It’s not enough to have a great product or service – you need that product or service to be memorable and stand out in the prospect’s mind when it comes time to buy.

If you’re at a marketing conference, meeting new potential joint venture partners, how do you stand apart from the rest of the crowd, so that they’ll remember you after they get home?

And for that matter, what makes an idea, product, event or person memorable?

For something to be truly memorable, it...

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Goal Setting that Actually WORKS!

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019

By now I’m sure you’ve learned in life that having a goal isn’t enough. You set a goal, you get all excited, you feel like you’ve already accomplished something, and a week, a month or a year later, you are no closer to the goal than you were before.

What happened?

First, the setting of the goal gave you immediate satisfaction, so that you didn’t feel you needed to do any more at that point. Sure, you’d have to work on your goal later, but for the moment,...

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Is This Why Your Business is Not Making $10K/mo?

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2019

This is huge, yet few marketers even think about it until they’re months into their business and wondering why they’re not making the big money.

Yet it’s pretty darn obvious to anyone else on the outside looking in at the business.

Here’s what you need to ask yourself right now:

“Is your business actually CAPABLE of making $10k per month?”

And the advanced question:

“Can your business be scaled up to $50k a month, or more?”

Here’s what I...

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Got an Email List? How to Make $1,000 in One Hour

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2019

If you already have one or more email lists, and either a Skype or Facebook account, then this might be a way for you to make some quick cash.

You need the ability to see when people are online, hence the need for Skype or Facebook.

Before you do this, build a quick webpage where buyers can pay you. It should be a private page that search engines can’t index because you don’t want it to be found. The key is that your customers think time is limited – not that they can grab...

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Case Study: How to Make $6,000 a Month in Simple Ad Sales

case study newsletter Sep 06, 2019

I can’t reveal the niche where I found this case study, but with a little tweaking this could work in any of the larger niche markets.

And best of all, you get paid UP FRONT, before you even place the ads.

Here’s how it works:

I’ll call our case study entrepreneur Bob.

Bob puts out an email newsletter for free. And it’s a really good one, too, with plenty of great information. He doesn’t actually write most of the info, though. He uses PLR and he gets permission...

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Your Customers are Hard-Wired to Buy THIS Product

customers how to strategy Sep 05, 2019

If you knew for a FACT that your customers would want to buy a certain type of product from you, then wouldn’t you want to know what that product is?

It could save you a lot of time and trouble, having this information.

And the funny thing is, you do already know what this type of product is – you just maybe haven’t considered selling it yourself.

Everyone is hard-wired to look for the easy solution.

Let’s say you’re being chased by a saber-tooth tiger. You want...

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How to Build a RESPONSIVE List that OPENS Your Emails

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2019

If you want to build a BIG list and you don’t care whether or not anyone on that list ever opens or reads your emails, then do what most marketers do:

Create a blind opt-in form that does NOT tell the new subscriber what they are receiving.

They will instantly mistrust you, give you their throw away email address, glace through your lead magnet, throw that away, and never read one of your emails again.

Hey, but at least you have a BIG list, right?

Or you can make BIG promises that sound...

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How to Turn Your Book into 13 Different Income Streams

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2019

How to Turn Your Book into 13 Different Income Streams

A lot of authors consider their book to be their business card.

For example, when they go to a conference, they hand out their book in place of a business card.

And certainly a book is far more impressive than a card. After all, what do we do with business cards a few weeks (or days) after we get them?

We look at it, try to recall where we got it or why we have it, and then throw it out.

With a book, people are likely to feel warm and...

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Freaky Podcast Statistics - Is it here to stay or just a fad?

news podcasts Sep 04, 2019

Freaky Podcast Statistics

So… if you thought podcasting was a fad, or maybe something just on the fringes that most people never listen to…

Guess again.

Podcasting is growing at a phenomenal rate, and it appears to be here to stay.

After all, a listener can be driving, doing the dishes or going for a run while they listen to your podcast. And since people LOVE to multi-task, podcasting is likely to keep growing.

Videos? Blogposts? Those are difficult to consume when you’re...

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