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How to Up Your Facebook Marketing Game Using Facebook Groups

Most of us have come to realize in order to succeed on Facebook you’ll most likely need to pay-to-play, especially with organic reach percentages so low.

But there is another workaround if you aren’t ready to fork out the big bucks for that extra post reach...

Facebook Groups.

Brands can use Facebook Groups to ensure their most important content is actually seen by their target demographic and as another way to communicate with potential and existing customers.


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Facebook Adds New ‘Vanish Mode’ Disappearing Messages in Messenger

There’s still a demand for ephemeral discussion within social apps.

After adding disappearing messages for WhatsApp, which auto-erases after 7 days, Facebook has announced a new ‘Vanish Mode’ for Messenger, which will see your messages disappear as soon as you leave the chat.

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Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2021

social media Dec 17, 2020

Post-coronavirus, 78% of consumers will want brands to help them with their daily lives.

Messaging will need to be more "meme"-friendly, as 55% of 13- to 35-year-olds are sending memes every week.

Podcasts are making a return, as 55% of Americans now listen to podcasts.

Nostalgia marketing will continue to rise, with an 88% mention increase during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Your consumers will continue to be more socially engaged and socially conscious.


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Publishing Your First Kindle Book in 30 Days or Less

Publishing Your First Kindle Book in 30 Days or Less

Last month we covered how to write your first Kindle book in 30 days or less. Now we’re going to cover how to publish your book. While this is not the most exciting step in creating, publishing, and marketing your ebook, it is crucial to get a professional-looking book that people want to buy, enjoy reading, and for which they are happy to leave positive reviews.

Your Own Publishing Company

Here’s something you’ve probably...

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Publishing Your First Kindle Book in 30 Days or Less

book publishing kindle Dec 16, 2020

Publishing Your First Kindle Book in 30 Days or Less

We’ve covered how to write your first Kindle book in 30 days or less, as well as how to publish your book.

Believe it or not, that covers only half of your job as a Kindle author.

If you want to sell hundreds or even thousands of copies of your book every month, you’ll also need to pay attention to marketing.

It’s easy to think that marketing your book is something you don’t need to be concerned about until your book...

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If I Hear “Think Outside the Box” One More Time, I’ll Throw Up

business strategy Dec 14, 2020

Why is it if we would like to be at our most creative and innovative, we resort to utilizing the very worn-out cliché at our disposal?

"We will need to think beyond the box on this one!"

It gives us guidelines and bounds about what we would like to achieve.

By way of instance, if the state I would like you to compose a post on fresh ways small companies can utilize social media, I have only given you a 'box.'

But should I let you get to work but provide you no idea what to do, then you...

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Killer Bullets to Die For - 5 Tips to Write Sales Bullets that Convert

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2020

If you mastered only ONE element of a sales letter, and you used nothing but that one element to sell, you could still be super successful if that element happens to be bullets.

Think of the last sales letter you read. Take away everything but the headline, the bullets, and the buy now button. Odds are you would still know enough about the product AND be enticed enough to buy it, too.

When done correctly, bullets are SUPER powerful at evoking curiosity, demonstrating benefits, and compelling...

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15 Secrets of Persuasion to Help You Sell More Online

Persuasion is convincing someone to do something. Great persuasion is convincing them it’s their idea to do it.

The human brain can be influenced through its three systems of…

  • primal (sex)
  • emotions (empathy)
  • rationalization (logic)

When marketing is truly working, it’s appealing to all three of these systems simultaneously.

The classic recipe to do this seems almost too simple to work: First, you use images to trigger the primal brain. Second, you use empathy and a good...

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When You Run Out of Email Ideas, Try These 3 Tips

How many different ways can you write an email promoting your product? Or for that matter, promoting anything?

After a while it may seem like your emails to your lists are all sounding the same, and that’s probably because they are.

But you can shake things up by incorporating ridiculous holidays into your email marketing.

1: Annual Holidays

Do a Google search for crazy holidays and you’ll find lists that cover the entire year. For example, just take a look at these holidays...

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How to Survive Your First Hashtag Hijacking

During a presidential debate, the sitting U.S. President gave a shout out to a group called, “Proud Boys”.

When I think of ‘proud boys’, I imagine two-year-old boys in diapers who just used the potty for the very first time.

But apparently, these “Proud Boys” are actually a white supremacist group classified by the FBI as an extremist group and a hate group. Before the debate even ended, the hashtag #ProudBoys began trending.

That’s when LGBTQ Twitter...

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