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Special announcement for marketers, bloggers, and influencers

preview video Sep 04, 2019

Later this afternoon, I'll be publishing a very special blog post right here. I going to preview a new course that I'm developing called Vampire Blogging.

See how you can "Bite into" Top Rated marketing content and combine it your super powers of "automated" voiceovers to create a truly unique viral video posting content.

Perfect strategy to use with video blogging, Facebook postings, Instagram stories, and most importantly YouTube content marketing.


Early bird launch on Friday the...

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10 things you can do with the Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR content

plr video Sep 03, 2019
  1. Use your private label rights to cut the contents into social media and blog posts
  2. Create your own iTunes podcast with the included monthly Audio PLR Interviews of the top professionals in the marketing world. Instant Credibility…
  3. Use the “1 click and done” system to rebrand the Newsletter as your own and include your own affiliate links in the CTA’s.
  4. Use the “Unfair Advantage Swipe Files” in your emails and subject lines to get a professional copywriter...
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Swipe Tools - Review

bublup review swipe tool Aug 31, 2019

Swipe Tools - Review

I'm really liking this FREE online swipe file organizer. It has a Chrome extension and Android/IOS app to "swipe" any image, text, PDF, video, audio clip, or Link to your own private folder. And best part, It's free.

Here is the link to this free Swipe Tool demonstrated above:


And here is the link to AdvertSuite if you still need it.

If you grab AdvertSuite through the link...

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Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR - Product Review

video Aug 30, 2019

You may have seen a lot of hype around Nick James’ Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR lately. They have just released their 100th issue and Nick is celebrating by offering a huge discount to new members.

You might be wondering if this is any good and worth joining. I’m going to give you my full unbiased review here, but the short version is… yes, it’s definitely worth joining this while the discount is still available!

However, this is obviously not a good fit for all...

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For those Video Power Rankers out thereā€¦

page ranking Jul 09, 2019

I’m sure that if you're like me, you’ve been receiving emails all morning with subject lines like these…

  • How they get 1st page rankings with only a few clicks…
  • This is Google Core, Panda, and Penguin proof…
  • Got free traffic?
  • 1st Page Ranker is live! (get tons of traffic at no cost…)

And the reason for all these emails is that there is a NEW Video Live Streaming Tool that just launched. And I have a very special reason I want you to read through this...

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Launch Ninjas new promotional video

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2019

In less than an hour, I built a NEW custom promotional video for my marketing agency. I've already added it to the home page

I used one of the NEW video templates from ProVideoFX. Check out all the other theme templates, audio tracks and graphic banners that are included


BTW. This video took about 50 minutes to edit, render, and upload.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think




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Introducing Launch Ninjas NEW Instagram Story Video


 I just built this NEW Instagram Story Video using the template from ProVideoFX. Check out all the other theme templates, audio tracks and graphic banners that are included


BTW. This video took about 20 minutes to edit, render, and upload.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think




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Questions answered about MobiFirst and Google's upcoming "Mobile First" algorithm change

Here are some questions about MobiFirst and Google's upcoming "Mobile First" algorithm change.

I received this email from one of my long time customers. He asked some really good questions about this new software called MobiFirst and whether or not he needs it at this time. 

I answered the questions below in bold.


I've been going through this offer and I'm trying to decide if the pros outweigh the cons that I've noticed.

I love the free hosting, the fast loading websites,...

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Top 10 Tips for Streaming to YouTube

I created this video a couple years ago. But the strategy is the same as it was back then. These 10 tips are what I use on a regular basis to get my live stream uploads to page 1 of Google and at the top of YouTube searches.

Instead of 1 video and 1 upload with Live Stream Genius. I now can do this on dozens of videos at the same time with Live VidRanker.

Check out my review and get access to my exclusive, advanced video ranking training using Live VidRanker.


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Social Posting by Swiping

12 days day 7 tips Dec 17, 2018

I just added Day 7 to the 12 Days of Christmas. I show you the exact method I use to be social over dozens of Facebook pages and groups in a matter of minutes every day.

And I'm not pushing out videos of funny cats... Instead I am sharing niche specific, trending articles that people actually want to read and share.

In fact, I "swiped" my finger across this post on Feedly over the weekend and had some incredible engagements with less than 3 seconds of effort and NO ad spend.

Want to learn...

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