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How to Make “IT” Happen in 2022

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How to Make “IT” Happen in 2022

The "IT" is whatever you want to bring into reality. For our purposes, we're going to talk about how to "Make Your New Business" happen, but you can use this knowledge to create almost anything from scratch.

Without permission.

Without bosses.

Without someone telling you NO, you CAN NOT do that.

Without the roadblocks you've come up against before.

And without that monkey voice in your head telling you that you're not good enough, that people will judge you, that you need to keep your...

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What Color Causes People to Buy More?

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What Color Causes People to Buy More?

When creating your logo or the look of your website, color plays a crucial role in the snap judgments people make about your business. According to Emerald Insight, between 62 and 90 percent of that first impression is based on color alone. This means your color choice of logo or website could make or break a customer's decision to buy.

Yes, color is THAT important.

What color(s) should you choose for your business?

Well, that depends.

Nothing works better than red if you want to attract...

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Need a Multi-Account Browser? Here is My Review of the NEW Logii.

Marketing your company online is getting more difficult as time goes on. You could have your ad accounts banned limits on reach and messaging imposed on nearly every social media site.

It is difficult to restart if you lose your account or access a platform because of the browser fingerprinting technologies that close down new accounts as soon as you create them.

The only way to avoid being fingerprinted by big sites is to use a multi-account, multi-login browser to prevent large sites from...

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How to Newsjack Your Way to New Followers and More Sales

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How to Newsjack Your Way to New Followers and More Sales

"Newsjacking" is the act of leveraging breaking news to get traffic to your content.

Let's say there's a blackout at a Superbowl, and Oreo immediately tweets out an image of an Oreo cookie in the dark with the words, "You can still dunk in the dark." Yeah, you remember when that happened. It's an example of newsjacking, and that one tweet (which cost nothing) was worth more in sales and publicity than buying a Superbowl commercial.

Or maybe the news story is that a software mogul just sold...

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10 Fresh Ideas for Your Next Joint Venture

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10 Fresh Ideas for Your Next Joint Venture

When some people think of a joint venture, they immediately think of two marketers co-endorsing each other’s products, often for a cut of the profits. In other words, glorified affiliates.

Sure, that’s one way to partner up for mutual benefits with others in your niche. But there are so many other ways to do it that you’ll miss out on traffic, subscribers, and customers if you don’t implement some of the following ideas.

Let’s start with the familiar one…

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How to Use Chatbot Technology to Grow Your Business

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How to Use Chatbot Technology to Grow Your Business

You may have noticed various companies offering chatbots for you to use in your business.

It's intriguing. And yet maybe you're wondering how exactly this sort of technology might be helpful to you. Check out these ideas…

Use Chatbots for Customer Service

One of the most common ways to use chatbot technology is to decrease customer service inquiries.

Now, typically you provide plenty of content on your sites, such as a knowledge base and FAQ. But some visitors are in a hurry, and they...

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Marketing Persuasion 2.0

5 MORE Scientifically Proven Ways to Sell More Stuff with Less Effort

Last month I gave you ten ways to be more persuasive and sell more stuff.

This month we continue the series with five more ways to persuade your prospects to become your customers, including a method for completely changing a person's mind, which is not always an easy thing to do.

And you can use these methods in your personal life, too. Want to convince your kid to do his chores without protesting or your spouse to agree...

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Content Creators: How to Write 5,000 Words per Day

If 5,000 words sound like a crazy high number, you’re not alone.

Even when they’re trying to be super productive in their writing, most people generally won’t write more than 2,000 words on a good day.

Yet when I put the pedal to the metal, I can do 5,000 or even more.

How do I do it?

First, I take a few moments to relax. Yes, seriously, I sit in my favorite chair, get comfortable, and relax my entire body.

Next, I set my intention to write X number of words in the following...

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7 Free Traffic Strategies that Convert

Maybe you're just starting, and you don't have money to pay for traffic. What can you do to get eyeballs on your offers and start making sales as quickly as possible without paying money upfront?

Here are seven methods that are proven to work. Choose whichever one makes the most sense for you, get started, and within days you can begin making sales.

1: Do Expert Roundups.

Ask a bunch of experts the same question and put all of their answers into an expert roundup article. This can be any and...

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What’s the Difference Between a Logo and a Brand - Seth Godin

Ask a consumer what's the difference between a logo and brand, and they'll probably guess they're the same thing.

Ask a marketer the same question, and the answers will vary wildly. Frankly, I don't think most marketers know the difference, and I'm not criticizing. There was a time when I had no clue, either, because unless someone breaks it down for you – not with some B.S. marketing-ese taught in school but with a real-world answer – it's confusing.

And so, I turned to a video...

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